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Orion Racing India is a Formula SAE team of K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai. The team is formed by 50 undergraduate students from Mechanical and Electronics Engineering whose vision is to achieve something tangible at a undergraduate level. Being Motorsports enthusiasts and budding engineers, the students take up a task of designing and fabricating a single-seater formula prototype race-car and participate at International Formula Student events viz. Formula Student Germany and Formula Student India. Formula Student competitions get participation from number of teams from around the globe. Thus this gives Orion Racing India exposure to world-class engineering and helps develop the engineering practices of Indian students that are going to be a vital part in development of technology in India.

Orion Racing India has been in progressing since 2007 where students year after year are determined to put their hear,soul, talent and expertise in the project. Our achievements at the competition include various awards and good performances in a wide range of events ranging from Design, Cost, Business Planning to ensuring a reliable car. We had also won the inaugural competition of Formula Student India in January 2015.

Future Plans

With car Number 69, Orion Racing India will be competing at Formula Student East at Hungary. The event will be held between 18-22nd July 2018. The design has been finalised for the 2018 car- Bellatrix. The manufacturing of the car is in full swing. Along with the combustion car, for the first time in Orion Racing India's history, we are developing an electric vehicle - ORI 18 E.

Highlights of Bellatrix (ORI 18C)

ORI 18, Bellatrix is designed to be powered by a naturally aspirated KTM 390 engine. Using a MoTec ECU, ORI 18 will use an electro-magnetic shifting to shift gears in less than 50 milliseconds. All of this will be enclosed in a hybrid carbon fibre monocoque, similar to a F1 car. The full Aerodynamics package will be validated and manufactured in house.

Highlights of ORI 18E

ORI 18 E, Electric Vehicle is designed to run on the Emrax 208 HV motor. It is aerodynamically designed with a Hybrid CFRP monocoque chassis in the front and a metal spaceframe in the rear. The full Aerodynamics package including the wings and diffuser will be manufactured by us in house after validation.



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