Who are we?

Orion Racing India is a student run, non-profit racing team based in K.J.Somaiya College Of Engineering, Vidyavihar, Mumbai.

We are a team of budding engineering students from various streams and we develop, design and manufacture a formula style car to take part in International Design Competitions organized by Formula SAE, most notably FSG, an acronym for Formula Student Germany.

As we’ve heard in a famous Hindi Film,” Don’t study to be successful, study to be able. Success will have to follow.” This is exactly what happened in 2006, when an ambitious bunch of engineering students from our college, set out on this ambitious journey, to defy all odds, to break the shackles of this monotonous education system, to make themselves able to compete at the international level, with tools in their hands, fire in their hearts, in a cramped workshop and with a battered rickshaw engine. And the rest is history.

Since then, there has been no stopping Orion Racing India.

Consistently adjudged the best Indian Team at FSG, Orion Racing India has brought India laurels and accolades for its performances at the world level. Since 2006, Orion Racing India has come a long way from a hobby idea to a semi-professional project par excellence.

What is our mission at Orion Racing India?

To create one of the most competitive Formula Student cars and take India to the podium of international student motorsports.

What has Orion Racing India achieved?

4th Place- Overall Statics- FSEast'18

5th Place- Bussiness Plan Presentation- FSEast'18

Overall Champions - FB'18

3rd Place - Cost Analysis - FSG'17

1st Place - Cost Analysis - FSG'16

Highest points scored by Indian Team – FSG'16

21st Place - Engineering Design Event - FSG'16

Overall Champions - FSI'16

Overall Champions - FSI'15

27th Place - Engineering Design Event - FSG'14

Highest Score Obtained By An Indian FS Team - FSG'14

9th Place - Buisness Plan Presentation - FSG'13

Highest points scored by an Indian Team ever at FSG – FSG'13

Only Indian Team to complete all the Events at FSG – FSG'12

12th Place - Buisness Plan Presentation - FSG'11

Best Asian Team at FSG - FSG'11

3rd Place - Cost Report - FSG'10

Best Asian Team at FSG - FSG'10

Best Asian Team at FSG - FSG'09

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